Company Number: 09069856

A1 Baits Ltd

Unit 3 Downs Farm
Ashton Road

South Cerney

Tel: 01285 862014


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The New Zealand Oyster is one of the most prolific oysters in the world (Arctic Bluff). Here at A1 we have managed to source the meat extract from this Oyster and introduce it into a boilie with outstanding results. 
This is our fishmeal bait. Using Lt 94 flours, Atlantic Krill meal and various proteins and amino acids, we are confident you will appreciate the make up and outstanding quality of this boilie. All of our baits are tailored to ensure they break down quickly for the fish and are safer for the water. Therefore, we suggest that you purchase some of our matching Hard Hookers.

Arctic Bluff Boilies

Bait Package (KG)